Lake Auman Underwater View-
Lowrance Sonar
Jim Pierman, in 2016 used a new "Lowrance" sonar-GPS system to record soundings from the bottom and uploaded the data to "Lowrance" proprietary software to develop three maps of Lake Auman. It took over 25 hours of crisscrossing the lake at approximately 50 yd intervals and traveling no faster than 8 mph to accumulate the data base. The fish finder recorded two frequencies of sonar and the GPS location for each data point with the frequency of how often it pinged, varying with depth.
The "Lowrance" software stitches together the individual data points to form the three maps with small areas of missing data filled-in by interpolating the contour lines.  The maps were then posted on a restricted member website for review and publication. The three maps are contour, bottom hardness, and vegetation cover (green areas) as seen below.
Contour Map
Hardness Map
Vegetation Cover
In summary, the maps show a very deep man-made lake with a depth greater than 105 feet at the clay mine near the dam, a moderately hard bottom except at the clay bottom of the underwater valleys, and significant vegetation restricted to the shallow ends of the coves. Vegetation does exist in other areas of the lake but not in any great quantity. The Detailed Lake Auman Contour Map is available.