Covenants and Declarations-
The covenants and, if any, declarations of annexation of the subdivisions of SLW are provided as recorded in the Register of Deeds of Moore County, North Carolina. Subdivision refers to different Seven Lakes West neighborhoods.
All covenants refer to recorded Subdivision Plats.  Links in the table below contain further relevant statements. Plats and maps can be copied in large format in the Register of Deeds office in Carthage or accessed online on the county website
The unofficial colored Map of Seven Lakes West shows the geographic locations, the names and the related series of lot numbers of the subdivisions.
                                                   Subdivisions                                                                                                    Lot #s
3000-3503, 4000-4335, 5000-5698
 adjacent neighborhoods             7201-7207, 8101-8107, 8201-8204
Parkwood                                                                   See SLW 5707-5721, except 5709
Beacon Ridge aka Seven Lakes West Country Club 6000-6201
The Commons at Beacon Ridge                           See Beacon Ridge
Carriage Park Section 3                                         See Beacon Ridge
7001-7002, 7004-7018, 7064
Pinnacle Phase 1 & 1A 7301-7313, 7321-7329
Beacon Ridge Lakeview Homes 7314-7320
Pine Knoll aka Aaronwoods                                   See SLW 7501-7521
Morganwood 7701-7775
Colton's Corner aka Airport                                    See SLW 7801-7823
Stonegate                                                                  See SLW 7901-7912