Lake Auman
18,400 Fish Find New Homes In Lake Auman
Lake Auman became the new home for more than 18,400 bream on Wednesday, March 22nd when the Seven Lakes West Landowners Association used Lake Auman Sports Club volunteers to stock these fish in the lake.  
The bream that were stocked included over 18,200 two to four inch Bluegills and 200 four to six inch Bluegills. All of the fish were purchased from and delivered by Carolina Fish Hatchery in Turkey, NC and were certified non-invasive species.
The fish were placed in the lake at a dozen different sites spread around the lake in locations that provided habitat and good cover.  Five Sports Club members, nicknamed the “Bluegill Bucket Brigade”, participated in the stocking effort.  They were Larry D’Amico, Ed Cockman, Charlie Flinchum, Stan Makson and Don Smith, who organized and supervised the stocking again this year.
The stocking of these fish by the SLW Landowners Association with help from the Lake Auman Sports Club addresses the primary recommendation for Lake Auman identified in a professional lake study of the lake conducted in 2012.  Other initiatives and programs to ensure and maintain the overall good health of Lake Auman are taking place on an ongoing basis throughout the year by the LA Sports Club, whose mission is to enhance the value of Lake Auman to the residents by providing programs that improve fishing, promote more enjoyment from fishing and by sponsoring other sports programs based on the surveyed interests of the community.
Don Smith
Lake Auman Sports Club
Lake Auman Sets New High Level Record within 9 Days of Setting the Previous Record
     The record level was previously documented at 9.3” above the spillway, measured back in August, 2003, after a series of four thunderstorms during the wettest year we had experienced as a lake community. Then, on 9/29/2016, the Lake reached a new record of 9.8" above its normal level. Read more>
Lake Auman Water Quality Pristine
The water quality of Lake Auman has always been pristine and continues to be that way. No measurable degradation of water quality has been detected since the lake was nearly full back in 1991.
What in the world is a Secchi Disk?
    It might interest you to know that Lake Auman is the clearest lake in North Carolina and the second cleanest of all the states surrounding North Carolina. Only an isolated mountain lake in Georgia is clearer!  To learn more about about the history of the water quality of Lake Auman and all about the monitoring and care that has gone into what many of us take for granted, and... to learn the purpose of the Secchi Disk, read more>
A Brief History of Lake Auman
(An Oral History Through Interviews with Mr. Fred Lawrence)
Originally, the majority of the land which would make up Seven Lakes West belonged to Clyde Auman, Billy Johnson and the MacDonald family. Mr. Fred Lawrence bought assembled acreage in 1976. He hired the engineering firm of Pate, Mullen & Associates to lay out the lake and design the dam. Read more with historic photos as well>
Lake Auman, the Under Water View
     There have been several presentations and publications of information on the origins and stages of Lake Auman development. We are all familiar with the final product of a beautiful, clear, clean, and deep lake. But what lurks under the surface been a mystery to the entire community, including boaters and fisherman. Talk to a fisherman with a fish finder and they can tell you about specific fishing spots, but a lot of the lake bottom remained undefined.
     Not anymore. As an independent project for the Lake Auman Sports Club, Jim Pierman, in 2016 used a new "Lowrance" sonar-GPS system to record soundings from the bottom and uploaded the data to "Lowrance" proprietary software to develop three maps of Lake Auman. It took over 25 hours of crisscrossing the lake at approximately 50 yd intervals and traveling no faster than 8 mph to accumulate the data base. The fish finder recorded two frequencies of sonar and the GPS location for each data point with the frequency of how often it pinged, varying with depth.
     The "Lowrance" software stitches together the individual data points to form the three maps with small areas of missing data filled-in by interpolating the contour lines.  The maps were then posted on a restricted member website for review and publication. The three maps are contour, bottom hardness, and vegetation cover (green areas) as seen below.
Contour Map
Bottom Hardness Map
Vegetation Cover Map
     In summary, the maps show a very deep man-made lake with a depth greater than 105 feet at the clay mine near the dam, a moderately hard bottom except at the clay bottom of the underwater valleys, and significant vegetation restricted to the shallow ends of the coves. Vegetation does exist in other areas of the lake but not in any great quantity. Although you cannot see the hardness or vegetation map without permission, the contour map is available to SLW Members at the following link:
You can also see the "Go Free" site in its entirety by following the instructions of the link below:
     Accessing the map on the web will allow you to zoom in on any area and see much more detail. The contour map is in three-foot line intervals, because the lake is so deep. One foot lines would be too confusing. By using the instruction sheet you can download the contour map to any compatible "Lowrance" Chartplotter (fish finder w/GPS) and you can also see the thousands of lakes that have been mapped in the USA and all over the world. There are even two lakes from Seven Lakes North that have been mapped and published with many more Moore County lakes listed!
     For those of you who would like to thank "Lowrance" for this service, please remember that they have proprietary map access to all these lakes for free and that the maps only work with "Lowrance" equipment. Makes cents and sense!
Article submitted by Jim Pierman, Lake Auman Sports Club                                                  2/18/2017